Ethiopian Opal Geode



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9 responses to “Ethiopian Opal Geode

  1. terri

    is if for sale?

  2. Gorgeous!! What size is it? I hope whoever ends up with it leaves it as a specimen.

  3. Toby

    This is a nodule not a geode, a geode would havea cavity inside, those that are solid like this are called nodules.

  4. Toby aka TABOPALS

    Other than that it is stunning

  5. Toby aka TABOPALS

    Did I say it was a nodule and not a Geode, geodes havea a cavity or hollow center where as the nodule is solid like this stunning one.

  6. wendy

    this would be an amazing gift for my spouse. Do you know where I could purchase something similar. She has a collectors case full of geodes and nodules from around the world.

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